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Clogs in sewer and major drain lines used to be nightmare-inducing plumbing problems for homeowners. The only way to fix them was to tear into your walls or foundation, or to dig up your yard in order to excavate the line and put a new one in its place. The process was extremely expensive, took ages, and left you with a considerable amount of work to do to rebuild once the repair was completed. However, removing a clog doesn’t have to involve a total excavation anymore like it once did. Thanks to hydrojetting services, you can get your issue fixed in far less time and without the costly restoration!

Bryco Plumbing is the name customers have come to trust all their plumbing issues to, both large and small, because they know we can handle it and we’ll deliver an outstanding result. We have more than 30 years of experience in the industry, and that experience enables us to tackle even the most complex problems with confidence and urgency that you demand out of a professional. Whether your issue is in a drain line or in your main sewer, we make sure that our Northridge hydrojetting services are thorough for the best results and a long-lasting clean that isn’t likely to clog anytime soon.

When you have a clog problem, trust Bryco Plumbing to provide you with a safe, natural solution in a Northridge hydrojetting service! Call us at (818) 805-0883 today to book yours.

What Is Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is sort of like a pressure washer service for your pipes. The process involves water pressurized to over 5,000 PSI being jetted out through a specialized tool so it can obliterate anything from gunk and fat to soap scum and hair to even full-fledged tree roots that are blocking your lines. The jetting tool also features smaller jets around the side, which blast the walls of your plumbing to scrub them free from debris which may serve as a building point for a clog to begin to re-form. As a result, you get a better clean and lines that are ready to handle whatever you need.

Why choose a hydrojetting service?

  • It’s safe: No heavy machinery on your property, no large trenches being dug, and no harmful chemicals that can cause serious injury for even small amounts of exposure.
  • It’s eco-friendly: Because hydrojetting uses the power of water under pressure, you don’t have to worry about contaminating the sewer with harmful substances or environmentally-damaging chemicals. It’s an all-natural way of cleaning your drains & sewers!
  • It’s adaptable: Hydrojetting can clean both metal and plastic pipes, ranging in diameter from as small as one-half inch wide to as large as four inches!

Inspect Your Drains

A hydrojetting service also includes an all-important camera inspection. This inspection is critical because it helps us understand what kind of blockage you have in your lines, where it’s located, and what the best way to approach it is. Likewise, this allows us to determine if your line is healthy enough to withstand the blast of high-pressure water that a hydrojetting service uses. Any type of pipe that’s in good shape can handle it, but a pipe that’s corroded or rotted to the point where it’s brittle and thin should probably be replaced outright, as it’s likely going to give out soon anyway.

Clear the clog from your drain or sewer lines! Contact Bryco Plumbing to book your Northridge hydrojetting procedure today.

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